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Replacing the Overfill Sensor in ice and snow weather

Replacing the Overfill Sensor in ice and snow weather

Jun 12,2020
Replacing the Overfill Sensor in ice and snow weather

Since its establishment 24 years ago, ALPTEC has always put customer satisfaction first, never shirk responsibility when problems arise, and help customers solve problems irrespective of cost, so that we have won the trust of customers for decades and always stay ahead in the field of petroleum and petrochemical safety equipment status.

In 2008, the bottom-loading transformation of Liaoning Province was basically completed, and most of Liaoning's fleets were equipped with ALPTEC overfill sensors and sockets. When the sales staff went on a business trip in the Northeast in winter, customers responded that OPW's equipment could not be used with our products. Knowing this situation, the technician immediately rushed to the site to find out the reason, and found that the power consumption of the OPW equipment was too small and could only power a single set of probes.

There are two solutions. Either replace the OPW equipment, or our socket needs to be redesigned.

In order to ensure the normal use of customers, the company decided to make a new circuit board and set up an 8-person replacement team to replace all sockets on site.

Within a week, the design, production, replacement plan, all supporting tools are in place, and the four teams set off immediately.

Because the tank trucks can only be concentrated in the convoy after work, everyone is driving by car during the day, taking advantage of the time from night to early morning to change, and can only sleep for 2 or 3 hours a day, often without warming the bed, and climbing up again rushing into the ice and snow... In the northeast of December, the night was very cold, and the semi-squat employees often numb their hands and feet and stomped in the cold.

The escalator of the tank truck was covered with ice, and once an employee did not step on it when he came down, he fell off the tank truck more than 3 meters high. Fortunately, he was more flexible, and he used his arm for a while before falling to the ground. At that time, the colleagues in the same group were frightened, and they ran over to see if he was injured. The two brought two bottles of Liquor while repairing the car, and took out two sips to warm themselves when the cold was really unbearable.

One time, when changing equipment, an employee was pouring gasoline under the loading and unloading port. It was still snowing in the winter. The entire pants were covered with oil and soaked, and he shivered because of freezing. The captain of the team quickly found a coverall to put him on. After the equipment was replaced, he rushed to another convoy and did not care about washing clothes. Because of the smell of gasoline, the long-distance driver forced them to get out of the car and he agreed that they should continue to sit in the car after hard persuasion.

Each squad works at night. When they come to a car, they must seize the time to replace it. They can't delay the driver's work. After they have changed a car and drove away, wait for the next car. They could not stand the work for a while and could not stand it, so they went to the guard room to warm it up for a while and then went on. The doorman saw that they were frozen enough to say that they could repair it tomorrow morning. But they thought that if the trucks left in the morning, they would miss the chance, so they thanked my kindness and continued to work. During their break, they called home and said, "I'm across the Yalu River, and I can see North Korea at a glance..."

In this way, 8 people took 4 days to replace all the equipment in more than 240 vehicles. When they handed over the replacement record form to the leader of the modification plant, the deputy general manager of the depot said: "You can't, you can't finish the replacement, so many, so short time." But the fact is here, we really did it.

After solving the problem, the product use was very stable, and the salesperson made a return visit before New Year's Day. Through everyone's efforts, we won the trust of the largest modified car factory in the north, and the business relationship between the two parties was closer.