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Andreas Bruckner from Germeny

I have bought Grounding Assemblies from ALPTEC. Their products are very durable and belong to high quality products. The price is also very reasonable for products of this quality. I have also bought similar products from other manufacturers, but my customers have not responded well. This is the only one that customers have given their approval in terms of product quality and price. I believe their market and development will be better in the future.

Jim Crowley from USA

I often buy Static Grounding Reels from ALPTEC in China. The stainless steel housing is the most significant.  The action of the retracting mechanism is much smoother and, the fact that their reel is rebuildable gives us an edge over the other reels.

Kotin Dmitriy from Russia
We have been working with ALPTEC for many years and have established a long-term relationship with them. Their professionalism and service are what attracted us. Of course, all is based on the great products. When our products break down in the warranty period, they will provide us with new products for free, so we will feel safe to buy again.

Valle Alcaide from Brazil 
The lead time of ALPTEC's products is very short. Many times our customers are in urgent need, they will cooperate with us very well. The general products can be shipped in 2-3 days. Thank you very much and we will also reach a long-term cooperative relationship.