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Laser Methane Detector

Laser Methane Detector
ARD2000 Remote Methane LeakDetector uses international advanced tunable diode laser absorptionspectroscopy technology (TDLAS), which can detect methane gas within a certaindistance. At the same time, through optimization design and independentresearch and development, the measurement distance and accuracy of the detectorare greatly improved, which is the most powerful safety guarantee for gasinspection and leak detection. Unlike traditional portable detectors, this RemoteMethane Leak Detector does not need to place the probe in a gas-filledenvironment. Instead, the device emits a laser beam. The laser passes throughthe pipe or the space above the facility and hits the object at the other end.Reflected back to the receiver, and then converted into electrical signals,these signals are used to analyze the concentration of methane, the unit is ppmm.By using WMS technology, the ARD2000 Remote Methane Leak Detector can achieveextremely high detection accuracy. The light at this wavelength is onlyabsorbed by methane, so it only reacts to methane and is not affected by othergases, which greatly improves the accuracy of detection.  Using the Remote Methane Leak Detector, theoperator does not need to be in a dangerous environment, which not onlyprotects the safety of the inspector, but also can inspect the overheadpipeline from a long distance, which improves the inspection efficiency. Thedetection reading is the product of the concentration of the laser passingthrough the methane gas mass and the thickness of the gas mass in ppmm.
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