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Optimization of lightning discharge for crude oil storage tanks--Retractable Grounding Reels

Optimization of lightning discharge for crude oil storage tanks--Retractable Grounding Reels

Jun 24,2020

With the rapid development of international industrialization, energy is becoming more and more tense, and oil reserves have become a top priority for oil-poor countries. The more and more oil storage tanks are built, and they are clustering. As far as China’s current situation is concerned, most of the national oil reserve bases are concentrated in thunderstorm-intensive areas such as the coast. But strong lightning can cause natural disasters that humans cannot avoid. This also makes the lightning discharge of storage tanks an urgent problem to be solved.


Floating roof tanks (FRT’S) have many accidents caused by lightning strikes. The lightning strikes are the main reason but they are natural phenomena and are unavoidable. There are two aspects that should be noted: First, there are defects in the design of lightning protection and lightning discharge. The second is that the gas phase space between the primary seal secondary seal is an oil and gas enrichment area, once the floating disk is struck by lightning, it will cause a fire and explosion in the gap between the sealing ring of the primary seal secondary seal, if the lightning protection of the storage tank and the lightning discharge product are unqualified.


The main devices for lightning discharge of oil tanks and floating roof at this stage:

1. Conductive shunt:

The fast discharge of lightning current between the floating roof and the tank wall is achieved through the close contact with the tank wall. However, in actual operation, due to the insufficient control of the errors in the construction of the floating roof tank and the movement of the floating disc, there is a large gap from conductive shunt to the entire floating roof tank wall, which cannot guarantee the rapid discharge of lightning current in the event of a lightning strike.

2. Soft copper twisted-pair wire of escalator:

The escalator rolls on the axis of the floating disc along the track on the floating disc, which drives the movement of the flexible copper twisted-pair wire and makes the distance between the tank wall and the floating disc the shortest possible. And the connection resistance value changes at all times, so it causes risk when the floating disc is struck by lightning.

To solve the above problems, the following two products introduced by Qingdao Alptec can effectively solve the problem of lightning discharge of crude oil storage tanks. They have been widely used in domestic and foreign sites and have been recognized by customers.


1. High and medium frequency Lightning Current Divider (Model: RCD-01)


It is a high and medium frequency lightning current discharge device for the floating disk of the floating roof oil tank. The adjustable device can solve the gap difference between the shunt and the tank wall caused by the micro deformation of the tank body and the displacement of the floating disk. The high and medium frequency lightning current on the disk is released in time, thereby reducing the probability of potential safety hazards.


2. Low and medium frequency Retractable Grounding Reels (Model: RGR)


It can realize the reliable connection of equipotential between the tank wall and the floating disc, make the distance between the floating disc and the tank wall the shortest, provide the lowest impedance channel for the safe discharge of lightning current and bound charges, and reduce the distance between the floating disc and the tank wall The instantaneous over voltage protects the sealed annular area from arcing, which minimizes the possibility of sparks from combustible gases, thereby reducing the possibility of potential safety hazards.


1. Imported bearings, high slewing accuracy;

2. Stainless steel coil spring, durable;

3. ATEX explosion-proof certification, safe and reliable;

4. It has national authoritative test reports such as lightning protection test report and tensile test report.


ALPTEC Retractable Grounding Reels have been proven in the market for many years, and their performance is stable and reliable. They have been exported to Colombia, Singapore, Spain, Egypt and many other countries and regions.