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The generation and harm of static electricity

The generation and harm of static electricity

Oct 10,2020
The generation and harm of static electricity

The generation of static electricity

When different objects are in contact, due to the difference in the concentration and work function of the carriers on the surface of the object, the carriers migrate from one surface to another. If the two objects in contact are separated, the charged layer will also be separated. At this time, the surface of one object is positively charged, and the other object is negatively charged. Therefore, static electricity is a reaction of physical and chemical processes when solid, liquid, and gaseous substances are rubbed, broken, sprayed, and suddenly decomposed. 

       The harm of static electricity

Although the energy generated by static electricity is small (generally not more than the millijoule level), it may generate a higher static voltage, and the sparks during discharge may ignite flammable and explosive materials and cause accidents. Static electricity can cause damage to voltage-sensitive semiconductor devices.