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Remote Methane Leak Detector ARD2000

Remote Methane Leak Detector ARD2000

Dec 28,2020
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The ARD2000 Remote Methane Leak Detector can realize the remote telemetering of methane gas. It is the methane telemeter product with the farthest actual detection distance and the best sensitivity in China. This product is suitable for all kinds of places where methane may leak, especially for overhead pipelines, narrow spaces, residential kitchens, etc. where there is a risk of gas leakage, but the inspection personnel cannot approach due to distance, obstacles, etc.

1.    Principle

When the laser emitted by the telemeter passes through the natural gas leaking air mass, the methane gas will absorb the laser, and the absorbed laser is received by the detector through diffuse reflection. After data collection and processing, the concentration information of the methane gas leakage is obtained. Expressed by methane column density (ppmm): methane concentration (ppm) × air mass thickness (m).

2.    Typical Application

1) Overhead pipelines, narrow spaces and other places where people cannot approach

2) Indoor places with windows, such as residential kitchens and laboratories using gas, can be directly detected through the windows.

3)    Find leaks of buried pipelines.

3.    Advantages

1) Ultra-long detection distance. The detection distance of the ARD2000 laser methane telemeter is as long as 100-150 meters. The indoor natural gas leakage of 25 floors can be detected through the glass, which reduces the potential safety hazards caused by gas leakage.

2) The product is equipped with an optical sight. The sight is powered by the main unit of the device, and there is no need to replace the battery. The detection point can be accurately found in the sun.

3) The product is equipped with two rechargeable lithium batteries.

4) The product reaction speed is 0.1s, which greatly improves the inspection efficiency.

5) The equipment is guaranteed for 2 years. If the equipment fails, a spare machine can be provided for free during the maintenance period.

4.    Technical Parameter

5.    Size