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【Auton Technology】The actual vehicle anti-terrorist collision experiment had a complete success

【Auton Technology】The actual vehicle anti-terrorist collision experiment had a complete success

Jan 12,2021
Auton TechnologyThe actual vehicle anti-terrorist collision experiment had a complete success
Qingdao Auton Technology has been committed to providing reliable safety protection products for the society. In response to the increasing public safety needs, we have launched a high-safety anti-terrorism facility-fully automatic hydraulic lifting column. While providing high security protection capabilities, it can also play a role in vehicle control, destructively intercepting illegally invaded vehicles, and effectively protect the safety of government departments, oil depots, schools, prisons, and other key places.

December 21, Tianjin, China

Witnessed by the inspectors from the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, we conducted an anti-terrorist collision experiment with a fully automatic lifting column at the China Automotive Technology Research Center.

The experimental results show that the fully automatic lifting column produced by Qingdao Auton Technology Co., Ltd. meets the requirements of B2 (blocking ability level) in the standard of "GA/T 1343-2016 Anti-riot Lifting Barricade". That is, a 6.8-ton vehicle hits the lifting column at a collision speed of 65km/h (collision energy 1108kJ), and the vehicle intrusion distance is less than 7 meters.

The high-security anti-terrorism lifting column can play a good role in the face of emergencies such as terrorist attacks and daily high-security control, especially for government, nuclear power plants, military, airports, prisons, oil depots and other national high-security places. The high-safety anti-terrorism lifting column can effectively manage and intercept the compulsory destructive force in key places and key areas, and minimize property losses and personal safety.

From self-healing anti-collision columns to fully automatic hydraulic lifting columns, the new intelligent road barrier system provides a complete set of top safety protection products for petrochemical, warehousing and logistics, automobile manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


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