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Application of Personal Electrostatic Eliminating Alarm

Application of Personal Electrostatic Eliminating Alarm

Mar 29,2022
                          Application of Personal Electrostatic Eliminating Alarm 

If not grounded, people can generate a lot of static charge through their movement. The static charge buildup on their body can be released by touching the Personal Electrostatic Eliminating Alarm. Before operating equipment in a hazardous environment, ensure that the static charge on the human body is reduced to safe values.

Product Solution

Model: PS-A2

Under certain conditions, a person’s body can be electrostatically charged by friction and natural environmental conditions. The “Personal Electrostatic Eliminating Alarm” device is designed to prevent the accumulation and accidental discharge of static electricity from a person's body.


Monitoring Electrostatic Voltage:-15KV to +15KV

Alarm Voltage: 150V

Height: 1.1m (3.6 ft.)

Certification: ExibIICT4 Gb

Features & Benefits:

Handle: Constructed of electrostatic conductive material.

Static electricity from a person’s body will be continuously discharged without any spark or discomfort.

Provides constant monitoring with audible and visible alarms.

Audible voice warning whenpersonnel approaching. 

OLED Display indicates the resistance value.