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The requirement of electronic factory for personal electrostatic is very high, it the voltage is  over 50V, the circuit board will be damaged.

Influence of electrostatic for electronic components

① Electrostatic absorbs dust, changes the impedance between lines, and affects the function and service life of products.
② The insulation or conductor of a component is damaged by an electric field or current, making the component inoperative (completely destroyed). 
③ Due to the heat generated by the instantaneous electric field or current, the component is injured, still can work, and its life is damaged.

Electrostatic Monitoring Eliminator (SD-A for short) is an electrostatic safety device designed to reduce electrostatic accidents and increase operational safety. It will detect electrostatic hazards in the specific area (such as the area around fuel dispensers in gas stations) and initiatively provides audible voice warning to ensure the safety of operation.