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Two-line Batch Controller System

Two-line Batch Controller System

Two-line Batch Controller System
Two-line Batch Controller SystemTwo-line Batch Controller System
CategoriesBatch Controller
BrandALPTEC Static Grounding Solutions Manufacturer
StructureCast aluminum
Function Keys21 Keys
Input Power220VAC±10%
Working ModeStand-Alone/Network Optional
Setting Range0-999999Kg/L
Unit PriceUS $ 2350-3570 / piece
FOB portQingdao port or any port of China
Terms of PaymentL/C, Western Union, T/T, Paypal
Update TimeJun 14,2024
Detail Information
1. Introduction
Batch Controller
As the control core in the quantitative loading system, the Batch Controller is matched with the Mass Flow Meter, Safety Interlock Process Control System, Control Valve, Loading & Unloading Pump, Host Computer, etc. at the loading and unloading site. When the loading or unloading reaches the set value , automatically stop loading. Through MODBUS communication, the parameters such as cumulative flow rate, temperature and density of the Mass Flow Meter are collected to ensure accurate on-site measurement; through communication with the host computer, functions such as downloading and confirming order and dynamic pickup passwords are realized, achieving precision in the process of loading and unloading trucks. Batch Control ensures the operating efficiency of loading and unloading trucks and improves the operational safety level of hazardous chemical loading and unloading trucks.

2. Application

The Batch Controller is a general-purpose product that can be widely used in industrial and commercial sectors such as petroleum, chemical, and food, especially for the distribution and management systems of various oil products. Used in junction with the primary instrument, the measurement accuracy can reach 3‰, and the operation is simple. The machine adopts dual-screen backlight LCD, the display is intuitive and clear, and it can be used alone or in a network. It is an ideal device for automatic delivery and management. and embedded systems.

3. Features and functions:

1.2.1 The Batch Controller implements the Chinese petroleum quality measurement standard GB/T1885-1998.The explosion-proof structure grade adopted by the controller is ExdibIIBT4Gb.

1.2.2 A Batch Controller can control the loading of a single-channel loading arm; the control and settlement can be quality and volume; the loading method can be bulk or barreled.

1.2.3 The maximum quantity of Batch Controllers that can be connected to the system is 32 pcs, and all of them can work at the same time.

1.2.4 It has two working modes: networking and stand-alone.

1.2.5 It has the function of internal self-checking, and gives error display when there is an error.

1.2.6 It has the ability of power-off protection and memorizing the working state before power-off, and the function of continuing the original work after power-on.

1.2.7 On-site work has a loading start key and an emergency stop key.

1.2.8 There are two methods of manual sampling and automatic sampling for temperature compensation for quality settlement.

1.2.9 There are two control methods and display methods for barrel and bulk.

1.2.10 The LCD screen display of a single machine is not affected by ambient light, and its backlight source makes the night work display clear,and the working temperature is -40+60.

1.2.11 It has a 8-inch LCD large digital display.

1.2.12 The smart IC card is used as a carrier for bill of ladings, which is convenient for management.

1.2.13 The clock and calendar operation of a stand-alone machine is not affected by power down.

1.2.14 The double π filter module and structural design of the power inlet design make the stand-alone machine have strong anti-electromagnetic interference and small electromagnetic leakage capability.

1.2.15 The static grounding and overfilling protection detection circuit designed in the device ensures safe loading.

1.2.16 The designed super flow rate alarm and loading chain make loading safer and more reliable.

1.2.17 The alarm device adopts the built-in design and installation method, which effectively improves the security and integration of the system.

4. Specifications

5. Diagram
5. Package

Packaging: plywood case(one pc in one carton)


Gross Weight: 10 kgs

Delivery time: 15 days after payment

Delivery: by sea or courier such as FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS

6. Company Information
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