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Remote Methane Leak Detector

Remote Methane Leak Detector

May 9,2020

Natural gas is not unfamiliar in our daily life. In the construction of modern urban buildings, the laying of natural gas pipelines and the reservation of holes should be considered. Natural gas has entered our life and brought great convenience to people's life. Compared with traditional gas, natural gas has higher safety and cleanliness. Natural gas is non-toxic, easy to emit, lighter than air, not easy to accumulate into explosive gas, which has great advantages in safety. However, as a kind of combustible gas, natural gas still has the risk of explosion in case of leakage, so it is very necessary to prevent and detect the leakage of natural gas pipeline.


The traditional methods include soap water, household combustible gas detection alarm and short-distance leakage detector.


However, there are several problems that traditional detection methods can't do:


1. Too many pipelines and insufficient inspectors


2. The user is not at home, unable to enter the home for security inspection


3. The existing equipment cannot detect the place too far away


4. Small leakage, difficult to detect by similar equipment

Qingdao ALLRED Electronics Co., Ltd. mainly produces Remote Methane Leak Detector, Infrared Flammable Gas Detector, Toxic Gas Detectors and other products. We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qingdao ALPTEC Safety Equipment CO.,LTD, and committed to development, sales and service of infrared principle gas detection products.

We promote the development of gas detection products through continuous innovation. Through research and breakthroughs in infrared spectroscopy technology, we launched long lifetime, water vapor resistant, and highly applicable infrared gas detector products and Remote Methane Leak Detector with the features of high sensitivity and ultra-long detection range. The performance and key indicators have reached the international leading level.

At present, our gas detection products have been recognized by our customers for the high quality and good service, and they play an active role in petrochemical, natural gas and other fields.

Therefore, whether in the past or in the future, we will focus on the field of gas detection, take customers’ satisfaction as the ultimate goal, use reliable products to eliminate hidden dangers caused by dangerous gases, and protect customers’ security with sincere service.

ARD2000 Remote Methane Leak Detector uses international advanced tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy technology (TDLAS), which can detect methane gas within a certain distance. At the same time, through optimization design and independent research and development, the measurement distance and accuracy of the detector are greatly improved, which is the most powerful safety guarantee for gas inspection and leak detection. Unlike traditional portable detectors, this Remote Methane Leak Detector does not need to place the probe in a gas-filled environment. Instead, the device emits a laser beam. The laser passes through the pipe or the space above the facility and hits the object at the other end. Reflected back to the receiver, and then converted into electrical signals, these signals are used to analyze the concentration of methane, the unit is ppmm. By using WMS technology, the ARD2000 Remote Methane Leak Detector can achieve extremely high detection accuracy. The light at this wavelength is only absorbed by methane, so it only reacts to methane and is not affected by other gases, which greatly improves the accuracy of detection.  Using the Remote Methane Leak Detector, the operator does not need to be in a dangerous environment, which not only protects the safety of the inspector, but also can inspect the overhead pipeline from a long distance, which improves the inspection efficiency. The detection reading is the product of the concentration of the laser passing through the methane gas mass and the thickness of the gas mass in ppmm, as shown below:

The structure and accessories of ARD2000 Remote Methane Leak Detector are as follows: