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Origin of the cooperation between ALPTEC and PPG

Origin of the cooperation between ALPTEC and PPG

May 20,2020
Establishment in 1996, ALPTEC has been targeting large domestic petroleum, petrochemical, and refineries as its target customers. In April 2007, we received an email from South Korea that ordering more than 1,000 different models of static grounding clamps, with a total value of more than 1 million!

Facing this larger order, although feeling it unreal, we decided to try a batch of samples. Because ALPTEC only produced medium-sized clamps used on Static Grounding Alarm Systems and Overfill Protection & Grounding Systems before, this type PPG required has not been done. The R & D department started R & D and design from scratch, produced the first batch of samples regardless of cost, and then repeatedly evaluated and priced. Finally, our products were recognized by customers for their high quality and low price. PPG purchased 28000 USD clamps in 2007.

In this foreign trade, we have succeeded in meeting the needs of customers, and also provided inspiration for the company to produce various small clamps, including model SC-01, SC-04, and pump clamps. PPG Industries [Korea] Ltd. has continued to purchase in the next few years, including the externally supplied Static Grounding Monitor, which is the longest foreign customer of our company. Through Korean companies, we have gradually established good cooperative relations with PPG companies in Asia, such as Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, and India. This foreign trade is also the beginning of opening the door to the international market in a true sense.

     At present, there are more than 10 kinds of static grounding clamps, all of which have passed ATEX certification and are sold to all parts of the world with more than 30,000 annual sales. Meeting the requirements of customers is our own responsibility and we can customize a variety of products according to customer needs, welcome to consult.