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Indonesian customers visit ALPTEC

Indonesian customers visit ALPTEC

Dec 27,2018
Indonesian customers visit ALPTEC

Saver, the general manager of XX Indonesia, and his colleague came to visit the factory of ALPTEC on Dec.27,2018. During the entire communication process, they highly appreciated the quality of ALPTEC and were full of interest in high-tech products, and particularly recognized the services we provided. They said that they will increase their purchases in the future and gradually replace European and American brands in Indonesian petrochemical market.

First of all, the representatives of the Department of Foreign Trade of Alptec conducted technical exchanges with Saver. We also learned about the current situation of the Indonesian petrochemical market. Compared with the more safety and environmentally bottom loading system fully promoted in China, the mainstream Indonesian market is still top loading. The standards for static grounding are not as strict as in China. We recommended related equipment according to its current situation, and introduced the company's products in a comprehensive manner through brochures and PPT. Saver and colleagues are very interested in many products that have not been purchased before, and then visit the exhibition room.

The exhibits in the exhibition room are all-inclusive, ranging from various static grounding clamps, to new self-recovery guardrail and security radars, all of which are presented to Saver one by one and let them experience it. Saver said that based on his 20 years of sales experience in the petrochemical industry, ALPTEC's products have achieved the industry's first-class level in terms of technological advancement and quality stability. It is an honor to cooperate with us. He learned about ALPTEC's products through AkzoNobel in Indonesia, which had been distributed to European and American brands. He said “When I came to Qingdao this time, I thought that Qingdao and New York could be comparable, far surpassing European cities, and praised the speed of China's economic development.”

After visiting the exhibition room, Saver went to various departments of the company to understand the daily work style of ALPTEC employees. Afterwards, we had lunch together. The Chinese catering culture is also extensive and profound. Saver said he particularly likes it, especially Tsingdao Beer.

 ALPTEC's international trading business is in full swing, and its sales are increasing year by year, which is inseparable from the company's purpose of "only for petrochemical safety". Based on its footsteps, ALPTEC not only needs to be the leader of the Overfill Protection and Grounding industry in the Chinese market, but also looks to the future, catching up and catching up in the international market, standing firm and becoming an international brand.