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Rio Business Tour

Rio Business Tour

Sep 24,2018

                     Rio Business Tour

                                                                   ——The first visit to Brazil

As the Brazilian market is getting better and better and the recognition of ALPTEC products is getting higher and higher, we decided to fly to Brazil, one is to visit the Brazilian general generation, and the other is to contact the Brazilian oil and petrochemical industry end customers.

After more than 20 hours of flight, we arrived in Brazil. On the first day, we visited their factories and offices, and our samples were also displayed in the workshop. It happened that a customer wanted to provide a customized solution. We decided to visit the site and formulate a solution after the product promotion meeting. We spent more than half of the morning discussing and revising the PPT to be addressed to end customers the next day.

On the second day, we participated in a product promotion meeting organized by customers, and a total of 38 customers participated. As one of the manufacturer representatives, we talked about PPT and introduced our company and Ocell Business Enterprise in English. The product part was spoken in Portuguese by Paulo and their engineering manager Boris-this is more convenient for customers to understand. After that, everyone tried our samples on the spot and raised various questions, and we cooperated to answer them one by one. In the evening, Rafael's father, the company's CEO, invited more than a dozen customers to join us in his home BBQ. Further communication and exchanges have enhanced feelings with customers. The hospitality of the Brazilians also made us feel welcome.

On the third day, we went to the oil depot to see the equipment site. The Brazilian market is dominated by tops, and the domestic top-selling tops are not suitable for on-site applications. The level switch of the oil spill electrostatic protector is replaced by the on-board level switch, and in order to save costs, a controller are worked with 4 sets of static grounding clamps and level switches. So after discussion, we provided new solutions, which were recognized by customers.

While in Brazil, we was fortunate enough to visit a fierce football match and climb the Monte Cristo. From September 24 to 30, in just 6 days, we felt different cultures and customs. The hospitality and enthusiasm of the Brazilians, the grateful and happy attitude left a deep impression on us. The trip to Brazil also gave us a deeper understanding of this market and laid a good foundation for future work.