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The visit of Taiwan Explosion-proof Lamp Factory

The visit of Taiwan Explosion-proof Lamp Factory

Aug 29,2019

The visit of Taiwan Explosion-proof Lamp Factory


As one of the well-known manufacturers of explosion-proof lamps in Taiwan, Poyi's visit laid a good foundation for the wide application of our company's Static Grounding products in the Taiwan market.

The cooperation with Poyi has been close to ten years, mainly purchasing Static Grounding Clamps with Alarm. They have been in contact with many companies that required electrostatic discharge, but because of the humid local climate in Taiwan, the safety awareness of the companies was not strong, which has caused great resistance to the promotion of electrostatic products. Poyi is still doing a lot of work for this.

Poyi also visited the sample room and production workshop of ALPTEC, and particularly recognized our Personal Electrostatic Eliminating Alarm and electrostatic grounding vehicle inspection technology. ALPTEC has been specializing in overfilling protection & grounding system for 24 years. It has been researching new technologies, leading industry standards, and creating enterprise standards to minimize the potential damage caused by static electricity. Poyi also said that they would recommend the relevant products of ALPTEC in future promotion.

It can be said that the promotion of Overfilling Protection & Grounding System is difficult. In addition to some countries that recognize European and American standards, many countries and regions require their own explosion-proof certification. This type of explosion-proof certification is too restrictive. If there is no big amount, the input-output ratio is not impressive. For example, for the development of the Taiwan market, ALPTEC is currently actively contacting capable companies, and has begun to do TS certification in Taiwan, hoping to use the mainland's new technologies and standardized standards to influence Taiwan.

Safety is no small matter, and ALPTEC will move forward, only to promote the best technology and products to more safe places that need static electricity and overflow prevention, to protect the safety of one side.