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The Fourth Visit of Brazil's General Representative

The Fourth Visit of Brazil's General Representative

Sep 23,2019
The Fourth Visit of Brazil's General Representative

With the focus on the development of the South American market, Brazil, as the largest country in South America, has become the country with the most applications of ALPTEC products. Brazil's general representative has made great contributions to the promotion of ALPTEC products in Brazil.

Brazil's general representative is mainly engaged in the integration of oil depot systems, so the purchase quantity of SLA-S-Y Overfill Protection & Grounding System is very large. In order to better develop the Brazilian market, this product also obtained the Brazilian local INMETRO certification in 2018, ensuring smooth product promotion.

This time, Brazil’s general representative chairman and marketing manager visited the company. One was a regular mutual visit each year, and the other was the need for new products. New products include: high-high liquid level switches, sub-bin display Overfill Protection & Grounding System for bottom loading, as well as domestic best-selling Laser Methane Detectors, Self-recovery Guardrails and Bollard, Mass Flow Meters and other products. Brazil's general representative is preparing to build an exhibition room dedicated to the exhibition of ALPTEC products to promote the application of new technologies in the Brazilian market.

The visit coincided with the annual beach activities of ALPTEC. Two international friends actively participated in the projects such as bottle blowing and tug of war. They also played beach football with the guys of ALPTEC. They said that they felt the strong corporate atmosphere of ALPTEC, and the family-like harmony was very memorable. Because the previous schedule was relatively rushed, customers left after the business talks. This time they were invited to arrange a time specially, visit the famous scenic spots in Qingdao, walk through the streets and feel the local characteristics of Qingdao.

The cooperation between ALPTEC and Brazil is based on long-term development. We jointly improve and develop new products and jointly do certification. Every step is very solid, and they are laying the foundation for a more ambitious goal.