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Southeast Asia Tour----- 2019 Journey to Thailand and Singapore

Southeast Asia Tour----- 2019 Journey to Thailand and Singapore

Apr 23,2020

Southeast Asia Tour

2019 Journey to  Thailand and Singapore


"Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Curry Meat and Bone Tea Indonesia Nine-Story Pagoda..." Yes, this year's group construction of ALPTEC chose Thailand and Singapore with tropical scenery to experience the Southeast Asian life.

Thailand is known as the country of smiles. A sentence of "สวัสดี" will exchange friendly smiles for each other.

Visit the Grand Palace and the Chao Phraya River

It brings together the essence of Thai painting, carving and decorative arts and is a symbol of the Bangkok dynasty, just like the Forbidden City of China. Each country has its own cultural characteristics, like the prevalence of Thai Buddhist culture. The Jade Buddha Temple is located in the Grand Palace, which shows the origin of imperial power and Buddhist spirit. Take a boat trip on the Chao Phraya River, wear Thailand's national flower and drink cold and refreshing fruit juice, face the cool breeze, and feel the heat subside. Along the way, we visited Thailand's native style, made a short stop near the Erawan Shrine, and listened to the tour guide explaining the spiritual experience of the Buddha card, which is also the spiritual belief of the Thai people.


Wealthy Golden House and Sifang Water Market

The wealthy golden house is built by the sea, the distant view merges with the sea and sky, and it seems to be in a fairyland. Unlike Chinese gardens, the golden house's extravagant construction style is simply a beautiful royal palace. The building stands majestic, the art in the hall is breathtaking, the outdoor is a tropical garden, the waterfall fish pond plantain, facing the sea truly, everything is relieved. The Sifang Water Market is also called Du Lala Floating Market. It is a good place to taste local snacks and buy local souvenirs. It is famous because of "Du Lala Promotion". Thai-style traditional wooden structure, small bridge and river and house; guests are free to travel between them, which is very comfortable.

Tropical Fruit Garden and Oriental Princess

Of course the most anticipated is the crazy water festival of Dongba Customs Garden + elephant riding + tropical fruit garden. Come to a fruit feast first, and then go to see Thai folk performances and Songkran Festival after a full meal. Many colleagues participated in the Songkran Festival activities, united as one and became an invincible team. In the evening, we also took a Steamship to the "Oriental Princess" to see the show of shemales, which is also a view that can only be seen in Thailand. During the tired journey, we also experienced authentic Thai massage.

Thailand is a country with very national characteristics, which allows people to experience different things, so tourists are competing to go; while Singapore is a very modern city, and the Asian people are fascinated.

The name of the garden city is well known. Merlion Park, National Museum of Singapore, Sentosa Island, Esplanade, Aquarium...everything is good. Its civilization level, cleaness, beauty, and quietnes, and everyone is friendly, like the world full of peace. Here we also ate the famous Songfa Bone Bone Tea.

No matter what the purpose is, going out to see different countries will always give people different gains. After returning to the country, I feel more enthusiasm and love our country, work hard and live a serious life, making our lives more colorful.