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Several forms of electrostatic

Several forms of electrostatic

Aug 7,2020
Several forms of electrostatic

1. Contact electrification

Contact electrification can occur at the solid-solid, liquid-liquid, or solid-liquid interface. If there are solid particles or droplets suspended in the gas, the solid particles or droplets can be charged by contact, so that the gas can carry electrostatic charges.

2. Power-up

The electrification caused in the process of solid crushing and liquid splitting belongs to breaking electrification.

3. Induction electrification

A conductor can be charged by induction by one or some charged objects around it. Insulation between live conductors and surroundings will carry potential, which is called induction charging. The conductor carries a potential, plus it carries a separate charge. Therefore, the conductor can be electrostatic-ally discharged.

Condition: A charged body is in contact with a non-charged body, and the charge is distributed between them according to the degree allowed by their respective conductivity. This is the charge migration. When charged droplets or dust hit a solid (such as electrostatic precipitation), it will produce a powerful charge migration.

4. Charge migration
 When gas ions are jetted on an initially uncharged object, similar charge migration will also occur.