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2020.7.13-7.21 Visit PPG and other companies

2020.7.13-7.21 Visit PPG and other companies

Jul 25,2020

2020.7.13-7.21 Visit PPG and other companies

In order to better communicate with customers, solve customer on-site problems, and recommend new products, two employees from Foreign Trade Department visited several foreign-funded companies that have been cooperating all the year round.

PPG is as friendly as always. After several business communications in a year, we became more familiar with each other. They mainly promoted the barrel clip and PS-A3, which were all recognized.

      1. The drum clamp body is made of 316L stainless steel, which is more anti-corrosive. The clamp has a resistance display and sound and light alarm, which can effectively monitor and release static electricity.

2. The battery of Personal Electrostatic Eliminating Alarm PS-A3 is more durable than the original PS-A2, with a service life of about 3 years, which greatly reduces the number of battery replacements by customers; it also has the function of recording the number of touches, which effectively helps the staff to regulate the behavior of consciously touching the human body static electricity.

3. In the future, customers can easily manage products by coding. Operators of a certain PPG often throw away the alarms at their workstations and then disassemble them for use in other workstations if they are not easy to use. They have also hung up the coding plates themselves, but they are still easy to lose and inconvenient to use. We can code the customer before leaving the factory. Although it increases a little workload, it brings convenience to the customer's on-site management and makes the customer more satisfied.

Jotun Coatings still pays special attention to product quality. Originally, it has been recommended by overseas Swedish customers to recommend ALPTEC’s products and has become our loyal customer. Moreover, our regular return visits and product customization make customers feel very convenient, and our improved products are more suitable for on-site use. I am very interested in the rechargeable Electrostatic Monitoring Eliminator SD-A, and send a set to test.

Bostik should be a very promising company. It is the first time we have contact with it, and the management is standard. The family has more than 70 companies. INK MAKER also has 7-8 factories, and all of them currently use our products.

We also visited a few foreign trade agents and they were very satisfied with the products. We have also given certain policy support to agents that have been more affected by the epidemic this year to help them tide over the difficulties.

We visited the factory this time on business trip, clarified customer needs, solved customer problems, and gained a lot. We will actively follow up in the subsequent work and maintain a good cooperative relationship.