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Static electricity must be removed during loading and unloading operations

Static electricity must be removed during loading and unloading operations

Jul 4,2020
Static electricity must be removed during loading and unloading operations

Static electricity is a static charge. In petrochemical industry and even industrial production, static electricity is inevitably generated, which causes many hazards. High-voltage electrostatic discharge can cause electric shock to people and endanger personal safety. In the production site of many flammable and explosive products or dust and oil mist, it is easy to cause explosion and fire.

The danger of static electricity is obvious to all. People have begun to think of various ways to prevent static electricity. However, it should be recognized that the perfect and effective anti-static project should be formulated according to the actual situation of different enterprises and different operation targets. Anti-static measures should be systematic and comprehensive, otherwise, it may cause less effort and even cause destructive reactions.

The SLA-S-Y Static Grounding Monitoring System can not only release the static electricity generated in the process of liquid transfer to the ground, but also automatically detect the grounding situation throughout the process. When the loop is disconnected (the detection resistance value is greater than 10Ω), a light alarm can be automatically issued to remind people to pay attention and deal with it in time. At the same time, the controller can also output on-off signals, interlock control with third-party equipment, automatically interrupt the operation of the equipment, ensure the effective connection between the tank truck (truck) and the grounding pile, and ensure the reliable discharge of static electricity.


The SLA-S-Y Static Grounding Monitoring System are suitable for automatic filling control system that needs to use electrostatic grounding protection alone, such as liquefied gas loading and unloading, railway trestle, paint and hazardous chemicals loading and unloading and other places. The figure below is a complete electrostatic grounding system installed on site.

Safety accidents caused by static electricity occur from time to time. The man came down from the goods and stepped on the floor of the truck. However, after such an action, the truck compartment caught fire and the man was engulfed by the fire. If the vehicle is connected to a Static Grounding Monitoring System during the loading and unloading process, such a tragedy will not be caused.