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2020 Beach Barbecue

2020 Beach Barbecue

Sep 5,2020
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On August 29, 2020, after a year, ALPTEC once again gathered in the Happy Valley of Ruyi Beach near Liansan Island, which has become a traditional beach barbecue. Since 2020 is indeed a lot more ups and downs than in the past, under such circumstances, the significance of this beach barbecue is extraordinary.

The sea breeze is mixed with joy. In such a joyous day, a "family portrait" is indispensable, the picture of everyone together at this moment is filled with the sense of happiness of the family.

First of all, Allen Zhang, General Manager of ALPTEC, gave a brief and powerful speech to this event. In this extraordinary period, as he said, “It’s good to be alive”, we should be fortunate and believe that ALPTEC, who has passed through this period safely, will get better and better under the leadership of him!

Then, the intense and exciting game session began.


The first game: Station pass

Each team selects contestants, and everyone transmits the information to the next person through body language within one minute, and the team with the lowest ranking will be punished.

The second game: Crab Race

The two people leaned back to back and walked across to the finish line like a crab with a balloon in between.

The third game: beach mine war

This is a parent-child game. Put some fingerboards (landmines) on the beach. Adults put on blindfolds and children guide them through the minefield.

The last item is tug-of-war. As a must-have item every year, the tug-of-war activity always inspires unparalleled enthusiasm. Let's take a look at everyone's style.


The next step is of course delicious food and beer, and just at this moment when everyone is happy to meet not only among colleagues, but also among their own family members. In order to express our support for the family to the company and colleagues, we specially send flowers to them.

Many colleagues are often on the business trip, and it is difficult to have the opportunity to get so many colleagues together. Everyone gathers together and chats happily, eating and drinking. 

       After eating, the colleagues who were good at singing and dancing couldn't help but showed off their talents for everyone.

In the hot summer, as the biggest protagonists of the summer, beer and watermelon naturally have a grand debut ceremony.

The much-anticipated sweepstakes, and who is the winner of the special prize?

Although new employees are serving first and participating second every year, they also try their best to have a cheerful interaction with the old employees who have taken their training with them.

Happy time always flies quickly, this year’s beach barbecue is over. But the memories of laughter that day are deeply imprinted in everyone's heart. The sea and the sky are wide, the pride is flourishing, the food and wine are full of joy. At ALPTEC, we can feel not only the pioneering spirit, but also the warm and happy family atmosphere.