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First! Self-recovery Bollard/Guardrail

First! Self-recovery Bollard/Guardrail

Nov 9,2020
First! Self-recovery Bollard/Guardrail


Self-recovery Bollard/Guardrail is a revolutionary anti-collision protective product. It has cushion protective function. When it is collided, it can incline in a certain scope, exert buffer effect, absorb the energy resulting from collision, and minimize the damage caused by collision. When it is in the

overturning limit angle, it can prevent fuel dispenser and other important assets from being damaged. Besides, it can also mitigate the damage to the gas station ground and customers’ vehicles.


Energy absorption base

It is a patented-designed elastomer, which hides at the bottom of the column and absorbs energy. While being collided, it allows column to incline slightly, gradually absorbs energy resulting from collision, and achieves buffer effect to some extent. When the collision ends, it can recover to be vertical and remain intact.


Providing triple protection, and protecting three objectives, vehicle, column and ground

1. Column  

Column itself is protected

Anti-collision and buffering can ensure that the anti-collision column will not be collided directly. After being collided, it will restore automatically.

2. Ground  

Preventing the ground from being damaged

Patented-designed energy absorption base can minimize the impact force and prevent cement floor from splintering and sinking.

3. Vehicle 

Decrease the damage to vehicle

Decreasing the impact force on vehicle and the damage degree and

reducing the possibility of drivers’ injury.