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The importance of static eliminators in the petrochemical industry

The importance of static eliminators in the petrochemical industry

Feb 5,2021
The importance of static eliminators in the petrochemical industry

Fires caused by static electricity are usually in the following three situations:

1. There are flammable and explosive items

2. The electric field strength formed by static charge is greater than the surrounding breakdown electric field strength;

3. The energy accumulated by the electric spark is greater than the minimum ignition energy around;

The above three conditions can cause an explosion or fire only when they coexist. If any one of them is missing, it will not cause an explosion or fire. Therefore, the anti-static safety wording in the petrochemical industry is mainly aimed at the above three causes of static electricity fires for timely control, elimination and good protection.

First: Grounding.

The static charge on the conductor can be introduced into the ground by grounding, so that the charge will not accumulate on the conductor.

Second: Avoid the accumulation of static charges on the human body.

The main reason for the formation of static electricity on the human body is the charge transfer caused by the mutual friction and contact of clothes. To effectively prevent the accumulation of static electricity on the human body, low-resistance anti-static consumables, floors and other anti-static equipment should be used.

This method can use our static electricity product-the human body static eliminator (click on the connection to view). The product is grounded, and the human hand touches the ball head, so that the static electricity on the human body is introduced into the earth.

Third: Ionize the atmosphere.

Because ionization can increase the conductivity of the surrounding air, adding static charges to move on the surface of the object, neutralizing the charge on the surface of the object with the charge in the air after ionization, or using a certain dose of isotope to ionize the air to neutralize the object or Static electricity in the air.

Fourth: humidification.

Increasing the humidity of the air can improve the conductivity of the surface of the object and form a conductive channel between the object and the ground. Usually the relative humidity is controlled at 60%-70%, this humidity is not easy to generate static electricity.

Notice: Under certain conditions, a person’s body can be electrostatically charged by friction and natural environmental conditions. The “Personal Electrostatic Eliminating Alarm” device is designed to prevent the accumulation and accidental discharge of static electricity from a person's body.