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Static Grounding Clamp

Apr 9,2021
Static Grounding Clamp
Today, I’d like to talk to you about very important safeguard when dispensing liquids that burn, grounding and bonding.
Grounding is also called earthing in many parts of the world. For simplicity, I will say ground and grounding, but it is synonymous with earth and earthing.
When dispending a liquid the flowing liquid can cause an accumulation of electrical charges on the container being dispensed from and container being dispensed into. This sets up conditions for static electricity discharge, a spark, just like walking across the carpet and getting a shock when touching the doorknob, now the vapor from the dispensed liquid requires minimum energy for ignition, especially if the liquid has a low flashpoint, a static electricity spark is enough.
Bonding is when the components involved in the dispensing operation are the same electrical potential.
Grounding is when the bonded equipment has a conductive path into the ground, that grounding is accomplished with ground rod driven into the ground or a grounding system installed beneath the floor.
Connecting the containers to each other and the grounded object is accomplished with FM approved grounding and bonding wires and clamps. It prevents the accumulation of electric charge, which prevents the static discharge which prevents ignition of vapors.
The spring loaded clamp has sharp points which assure a good low resistance connection. This is an important feature to penetrate paint and foreign material on a drum or the container being dispended into.
This is another version of FM approved product, same spring loaded clamp on this end, the other end is intended where the wire doesn’t have to be moved frequently. For example, could be attached to a grounding bar along the wall or a piece of equipment like a vessel that has liquid poured into it.
The old booster cable, and we see these not much spring left in the alligator clamp, jaws are pretty worn down and won’t penetrate much. That is not reliable bonding and grounding, so please don’t use those.
Use the FM approved grounding wires and clamps. Let’s talk about when they should be used, they should always be used for dispending liquids that are red label or has a flashpoint less than 100 degrees Fahrenheit or 38 degrees Celsius. They should also always be used for any liquid that burns if it is heated above its flashpoint.