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120 ℃ high temperature resistant overfill probes, solving the summer troubles for tank trucks

120 ℃ high temperature resistant overfill probes, solving the summer troubles for tank trucks

Jul 18,2019

With the popularization of oil tanker for bottom loading, tanker trucks are basically equipped with overfill probes and sockets. There are many brands on the market with varies of prices, but they all face the same problem: high temperatures in summer and false alarms caused great confusion to the fleet and drivers. After the tanker truck arrived at the oil depot, due to the failure of the probe rods, oil could not be loaded, and resources were wasted, causing considerable losses to the fleet.

At present, most common overfill probes on the market are based on the photoelectric principle (based on the principle of light reflection and refraction). The infrared light emitted from the infrared transmitting end is reflected by the crystal prism to the receiving end. When the probe senses liquid, the light is refracted. The receiving end cannot receive the infrared light emitted by the infrared transmitting end, and is finally detected by the circuit board and converted into a different electrical signal.

Advantages: low cost and low price, so it is more favored by customers.

Disadvantages: 1. The maximum operation temperature is usually 60 °, and some can reach 80 °. In summer, the temperature of the oil in the tanker truck basically reaches 90 °, and some of the probe sensors will fail due to the high temperature in the tank, and will not work. 2. The oil products are constantly shaken during transportation, and are easy to generate oil and gas under high temperature, which will condense on the surface of the probe prism, making the light signal unable to reflect to the receiving end. Therefore, the photoelectric probe is easy to be disturbed and send out false alarm signals.

How does the 120 ° high temperature resistant probe UZK-DL solve the above problems?

Piezoelectric principle: similar to the tuning fork principle, it is excited by a crystal to generate vibration. When the liquid level sensor is immersed in the liquid, its vibration frequency changes. The change is detected by the electronic circuit and outputs a switching signal.

01 The use temperature can reach 120 °, which can be used safely in summer

Operating temperature of piezoelectric probe: -40 ° ~ + 120 °. Under the high temperature environment in summer, it can work normally in the tanker tank that reaches 90 °, and has been verified by a third-party inspection agency, so it can be used safely.


02  "Piezoelectric" working principle, free from oil and gas interference

Only under the condition of liquid immersion, the vibration frequency of the sensor will change, which will generate an alarm signal. This working principle is not affected by bubbles, condensation of oil and gas, and has strong anti-interference. It will not be interfered by oil and gas during the transportation of oil products, and it works normally without false alarm.


03 With S02 self-check socket of sub-warehouse, one-button self-check

The S02 self-check socket can detect the status of the probe rods (normal, faulty, not connected) and the grounding status of the tanker by pressing one button, ensuring that the probe rods and grounding are normal, without climbing to the tank to inspect, and improving work efficiency. Through one-button self-test, failure of the probe can be detected at any time, and it can be replaced and repaired in time.


04 With SLA-S-IVB flagship static grounding and overfill protection, display separately

Working with the SLA-S-IVB flagship static grounding and overfill protection, the LCD color display screen displays the anti-overflow status and grounding status of all positions of the tank truck at any time. The driver can intuitively know the equipment status information during the loading process.


05 National invention patent, stable performance and long service life

Piezoelectric probes were widely used in oil rack and oil storage tanks for high-level alarms in the early days. They have been verified by field applications for more than 20 years, and the use effect is stable and reliable. The service life is up to 10 years.


Piezoelectric probe, high temperature resistant, long life, low failure, stable performance!

Solving the problem of false alarms and frequent replacement of probes, it is worth your choice!