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Earthing clamp with visual indication

Earthing clamp with visual indication

Earthing clamp with visual indication
Earthing clamp with visual indicationEarthing clamp with visual indicationEarthing clamp with visual indicationEarthing clamp with visual indicationEarthing clamp with visual indication
CategoriesStatic Grounding Monitoring System
BrandALPTEC Static Grounding Solutions Manufacturer
Structure1 SA-Y clamp+ 5m spiral cable+1 SC-02 clamp
Clamp MaterialAluminum
Cable MaterialCopper
Cable Length5m
Gross Weight1.6kgs
Unit PriceUS $ 75-93.7 / piece
FOB portQingdao port or any port of China
Terms of PaymentL/C, Western Union, T/T, Paypal
Update TimeJul 23,2024
Detail Information
1. Introduction

The accumulation of static charges during the fueling transfer process can lead to costly explosions, fire and personnel injury. The ‘Self-testing Grounding Clamp’ with visible & audible alarms is designed to dissipate static accumulation and verify proper grounding. Earthing clamp with visual indication is intrinsically safe for use in hazardous locations.

2. Advantages

1. Low energy consumption design of Self testing clamps with visual indication makes battery replacement unnecessary during normal operation. 

2. Audible and visible alarms 

3. Digitron resistance display 

4. After 1 minutes' continuous alarm it will be in the resting status and it will return to normal in a closed circuit. 

5. Circuit part is totally enveloped by epoxy resin which makes it damp-proof, rustproof, erosion-proof and shock-proof. 

6. The static grounding clamp can penetrate the paint and rust and insure the bodywork is effectively grounded.

7. It insures the resistance between the tanker truck and the ground stud not bigger 10Ω (meeting the state standard of less than 100Ω).

8. The coat of the ground cable is made of special rubber with the characteristic of high or low temperature-proof, corrosion-proof and oil-proof.

9. The standard cable length is 5 m. Other length is available upon request.

3. Specifications

1. Response time: <2s
2. Alarm volume : >90dB (measured by a-30cm straight distance)
3. Battery: Lithium battery(3.6V)
4. Ambient temperature:-40 to+60℃
5. Explosion-protection Mark: Exia IICT4G
4. Types
Cable length:5m(16.4ft.)          
Clamp:SA-Y(visible and audible alarms) 
Cable length:5m(16.4ft.) spiral cable
Clamp 1: SA-Y(visible and audible alarms)
Clamp 2:SC-02
5. Package

Packaging: cartons(10 pcs in one carton)

Dimensions:45*35*16 cm

Gross Weight: 15.0 kgs

Delivery time: 2 days after payment

Delivery: by sea or courier such as FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS

6. Company Information

Established in 1996, Qingdao Alptec Safety Equipment Co., Ltd specializes in the design, manufacture, and supply of high-quality Overfill Protection as well as Static Grounding Systems, Earthing Clamps, Reels and accessories for the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas and process industries that transport, store, transfer and use flammable liquids, solvents or combustible liquids in hazardous areas.

Alptec is Sinopec and PetroChina's preferred brand and we have secured more than 50% of the market share in China. Internationally we began exporting in 2006 to Germany, Spain, USA, Canada, Australia &New Zealand, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Brazil, South-Africa, India, and many other countries.

We aspire to be your trusted supplier.

7. Usage
1. When using the SC series static grounding clamps, open the clamp, clip the clamp on the equipment to be grounded, shake the clamp to get rid of the paint or rust to ensure good contact. Open the clamp and remove it after using. 

2. When using the PC and CC series static grounding clamps, unscrew the bolt until the clamp can be fixed to pipes or flat materials, and then tighten the bolt to ensure good contact. Unscrew the bolt and remove the clamps after using.

 3. When using the PC and CC series static grounding clamps, fix one end according to the method above and then fix the other end.
8.  Operation Procedures 
Step1: Open the clamp, there will be alarm; if you hear no alarm, please go to 7.0 Trouble Shooting.
Step2: Clip the clamp on the tanker truck and shake the clamp to remove the paint or rust until no alarm stops. 

Step3: After the loading operation has been finished, pick up the clamp from the tanker truck and put it back on to the original place. 
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